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If you're looking for speed Internet access, you are at the right place.DIPL has been a leader in high-speed Internet . Explore your internet connection’s full potential with us and enjoy complete home and business solution The online experience gets a whole lot better with DIPL network.

LEASED LINE Internet Connection

Internet Lease Line is the latest and fastest mode of connection to the Internet. Internet has changed the world of communication. Lease Line is the fastest mode of connection to the Internet World.

BROADBAND Internet Connection

A large array of packages is customized to satisfy your need. The speed can reach upto a whopping 512 kbps which is much more faster than the conventional ones.We have customized our packages to satisfy your needs.

Here at DIPL, we are well-known for our ability to provide the highest quality solutions for CCTV in the state.

CCTV helps you to protect your property. This could be a business property or, as in many cases, it could be a residential property. Studies have demonstrated, time and time again, that CCTV has the ability to drastically reduce the chances of a crime occurring on a property. It is, essentially, a crime deterrent. In the event that a crime does occur, which is highly unlikely, the CCTV will provide you with a decent piece of evidence which will allow you to claim back what was stolen from you.

One of the advantages of dealing with DIPL is that we are very experienced when it comes to the world of CCTV. This means that we are going to be able to provide you with all of the advice that you need for putting together a CCTV package which suits your business or home down to a tee. Basically, the CCTV solution that you purchase from us here at DIPL will have been designed just for you. This means that you know that it is providing you with the ultimate level of protection.


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